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Employer Services

We offer a comprehensive menu of services to Employers and Recruiters.


Job Posting & Application Tracking:

Employers / Recruiters can manage job postings and process applications via our streamlined interface. The Employer job management system allows for:

  • New job posting / edit existing job postings / preview posted jobs.
  • Saving of draft job descriptions for future use / can be made searchable.
  • Filtering of job postings (active / expired / drafts / featured).
  • Statistical analyses on job posting views & applications.
  • Processing of multiple job postings / select all.
  • Sorting by clicking on a column header, select number of postings per page.
Candidate Screening Questionnaires:

Employers can preselect candidates’ applications by activating assessment questionnaires linked to specific job postings. You can create as many questions as you wish for each job posting.  Applications obtained will then be categorized and given a pass/no pass score. Instant replies to candidates and bulk messaging to candidates are available to support direct communication. Excellent for first level filtering of potential candidates.  Assists employers by sifting through a large number of candidates who are sometimes not suitable for the role, but still looking for a job.

Resume Search:

Use the search box to search for and find the candidates that you are looking for to fill the positions you have open.  Our Resume Search feature is driven by Keyword(s).  When executed, the search engine will search in both candidate profiles and attached files based on the keyword(s) of your choice.

Resume Search Agent:

Employers will receive automated resume alerts for new candidates registered as per the criteria specified. For example keywords, categories, locations, etc.

Employer/Recruiter Profiles:

Employers / Recruiters can manage their corporate profiles, company name, logo, website URL, etc. Live jobs are enlisted under profile information for job seekers to browse. Put your best foot forward by listing your corporate site, your LinkedIn profile or even your Facebook Fan page. Take advantage of all the social media options we incorporate into traditional job board functionality to create a powerful platform to recruit and attract the best talent. Extend your profile and your employer brand, and get a lot free services that you would otherwise have to pay for.


Have a team of recruiters on your staff? Your Employer or Recruiter profile can be managed by a single person, or by multiple people, giving access to individuals within the organization to use a single streamlined profile to post and manage all the positions you have open.  As an Employer, you can create sub accounts for recruiters within your organization to post jobs and process applications via their own logins.

Bulk Job Posting Via XML:

Employers / Recruiters have the ability to bulk post jobs to the site via an XML / HTTP interface. Send posting instructions automatically compiled by the system to ad management / bulk posting vendors or client ATS support. Ask us for details to support your needs.

Simple and Quick Payment Options:

Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are all accepted through our payment gateways with Google Checkout or Paypal.

Register Now:

Employers can register by filling out a simple form, login to personal account area for job posting, applications tracking, resume search, profile editing etc.


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